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Who We Are

Our genesis, and purpose, is education. Academicians at the core, we are passionate about academics and conscious about the tangible impact our work has on teaching and learning.

We are extremely optimistic about the role technology can play in raising the level of education in the nation. We aim to positively impact the lives of students, teachers and administrators and make them more productive and capable of reaching their individual goals.

Our approach is futuristic that is very well corroborated by the work we do and products and services we offer to empower various stakeholders in the Indian Education space. The rare, potent mix of a strong background in academics and the belief in technology lends us unparalleled strength and places us in a vantage position to add tremendous value to the Indian Education space.

Our Beliefs


We believe in Quality over Quantity and are fully cognizant that we make a tangible difference to quality of education. We aspire to make a positive contribution in shaping the generations to come vide our intuitive and high quality of creative and educative core content.


To be an unparalleled and path-breaking entity in the Academic & Technology space, offering a suite of services and high-end products and services to all Academic Institutions, Corporate Entities, Parents and Students.

Our Values

At the heart of our philosophy we imbibe superlative levels of integrity, confidentiality and discipline. We pledge to keep the interest of our partners above our own and respect our relationships beyond business interests.