School Level Competition

School League is a competition in elementary English, Math, Geography and Science. The League has been designed to help children develop and improve their communication and cognitive skills. The competition has been designed in an age and grade appropriate manner and is open to all children from Nursery to higher secondary.

The Challenge

Student League is a championship that begins at the school level, and then rises to the national level. It is an exciting opportunity for both students and schools to present their mathematical thinking ability and prowess.

How does the competition work?

The competition has a grading system with four grades: 'A+', 'A', 'B+', 'B'. The participants scoring either an 'A+' or 'A' will qualify for the next round. School League Challenge is a championship that begins at the school level , and then rises to the national level.

About Result

Competition results, other announcements and updates will be regularly shared with parents on the notice board of Parents will be alerted about critical dates and such information via email and SMS.

PSL English

A step that is specifically aimed at enhancing students' vocabulary and language skills.

PSL Math

A step that is aimed at enhancing students' analytical thinking and problem-solving skills.


A step that is aimed at nurturing the curiosity and creativity of the child.


Who wants to win

This competition is open to all students from Nursery to 8th std. Enroll in our Student League Challenge and get preparatory text books, sample practice tests and worksheets to excel and reach from school level, state level up to national level.
Contact Info:AdministratorBipin Chheda
Contact No+91 9820775655

Why You Should Participate

  • Become a champ
  • Earn yourself a trophy
  • Get a certificate
  • Learn something fun and new
  • Participate in Nationals and win accolades for your school

Every Participant gets

  • Online User ID
  • Online Access to Results
  • Practice Test / Worksheets
  • Extra Resources
  • Notifications and updates