Say They Refuse To Address Their Kids' Problems

Most often there are forums and channels for parents to complain about what is wrong at a school but not the other way. Recently, a group of principals from city schools gathered to find ways to deal with problems that parents are responsible for.

One of the most common troubles that schools face was resistance from parents to get their children tested for any kind of developmental disorders. “We have a class IX student who had been facing a lot of behavioral and academic trouble at school. We tried to reach out to the parents who refused to send them for testing. We have written to the council asking them how we can prepare the child for board exams, “said the principal of an ICSE school in the western suburbs. Several other prince pals had similar concerns.

Principals were sharing concerns at a workshop recently conducted at the SM Shetty School in Powai.

Principals are also worried about problems at home which affect the child's performance in school. “The student is been beaten by the mother at home and the child's aggression is reflected in the classroom as he bites and hits other children. We are unable to convince his mother to undergo counselling, “Said a counsellor of a Mazgaon-based school. Several principals also had issues with parents not abiding by the rule book, which had a negative influence on the children.

Principals feel there is a need for dialogue with the parents. “We must also have workshop for parents, “said Rekha Shahni, an ex-principal.

Senior psychiatrist, Dr Harish Shetty said, “Like other professions, principals need to be together in problem solving. Negligence of parents does collateral damage to the children and is considered as violation of child rights and hence schools can also complain against the parents. “