Saddled with administrative work, 80% of school principals do not find the time to teach in the classroom, reveals a recent survey. Almost 50% of the respondent principals also said that availability of quality teachers dedicated to their calling was a challenge for them.

Of the 20% of principals who find time to teach, only 2% teach more than 16 periods a week. While almost 55% of them were mostly involved in administrative and HR work, 28% said they were spending most time in planning academics. Eleven per cent said they were busy handling parents.

The survey found 63% of the principals did not feel they were ready for international quality accreditation of their schools. While 82% were unaware of the school evaluation framework in the country, 63% were not ready to take part in it.

The survey was conducted in the city and four more urban centers by the School Leaders Network, a leadership exchange network of principals in the country.

“Understanding school principals and their values and beliefs, governance role, responsibility, perception, aspirations, process of decision making is extremely critical for the success of a school. The survey shows that the control is not with the principals anymore, “said Francis Jospeh, cofounder of the network.

In the survey, 22% of the respondents said the school management was deciding course content and 42% said it was also hiring teachers.