`Why this kolaveri kolaveri di....' may remind you of the song that went viral some years ago. It also happens to be the name chosen by Kota collector Ravi Kumar Surpur as the title of his unconventional motivational booklet to help students, who come here for coaching, de-stress.

The 20-page pamphlet is a departure from similar works and is a fun read that connects with students.Other that graphics and famous quotes, it also uses catchy one-liners from Bollywood movies. Referring to students as `dost' in the booklet, the author says that it has “no formula, theorems and equations, but is thoda filmi , thoda fundu and no big gyan“.

It deals with challenges and struggles of students with possible solutions. The author says homesickness is a “mental state of mind“ and reminds students that their parents are only “a call away“ to handle loneliness.

For students, who come to Kota as young as 14 and are missing family , food and fri ends, he gives a positive message: “Come on! You are going home.“ This makes students understand that they are only here temporarily .

The dialogue from Salman Khan's blockbuster hit `Kick' -“Ek baar jo mai ne commitment kar di fir mein apne baap ke bhi nahi sunta“ -is used to good effect to boost the confidence of students.

The middle section of the booklet deals with core issues such as the fear of exams and results. To overcome fear, Surpur quotes a dialogue from the movie Sultan, “Koi tab tak tumhe hara nahi sakta, jab tak tum khud se na haar manlo (Nobody can defeat you unless you surrender yourself)“.

Similarly, to overcome family pressure -the main reason behind depression and suicides--and calm students, he wants them to consider their parents as “wellwishers“ who motivate them for their “own good“.

“Don't we all expect our favourites to win. Even if they don't win, we still love them,“ he says to students asking them to strike a concili atory note. Underlining the importance of sleep, he says that students won't be able to “think well, if they don't sleep well“.

To address `gender distraction', common at this age, the book uses the cartoon of a boy and girl from the movie `Hum Tum' to illustrate the point. It asks students to “chill, it is just a normal hormonal change. Do not allow your hormones to hijack your intelligence“.

It also uses graphics to tackle issues such as peer pressure. The concluding section asks students to seek help from siblings, teachers, parents, friends, relatives and doctors if they cannot cope with pressure.

This year, 15 students committed suicide in Kota. Many more are reportedly suffering from depression due to the pressure to perform.