Perks like certificates, cash and even extra marks could be given to students promoting cashless transactions and digital literacy, Union human resource development minister Prakash Javadekar said on Tuesday.

He said education institutions should treat the “movement to promote digital payment and digital awareness“ on par with projects like National Cadet Corps and National Social Service . “Students promoting cash transactions may be given certificate, cash and even extra marks, “Javadekar said.

Speaking at the `Digital Financial Literacy Campaign' organised by a private educational institute, he said the government's efforts to promote digital money are bearing fruit.

“Youngsters, especially students, hold the key to take this success forward. They should come forward and educate their friends, family members as well as neighbours. Each student should at least inform ten families about digital literacy by January 12,“ the minister said.

Javadekar said over 1 lakh students have already joined the digital awareness drive started by his ministry. “A majority of cash transactions are taking place in 500 cities in the country .Steps should be taken to penetrate digital transactions in these areas.