The turn of the millennia has changed something dramatically at IIT Bombay too. Earlier, most of its graduates would settle abroad, but now they prefer to stay rooted at home, found a survey. And within India, Mumbai was the city of choice.

A survey by Insight, the students' newspaper, mapped the addresses of its alumni and found that a significant percentage (40%) of those who graduated before 2000 had settled abroad, but the number dropped sharply to less than 16% post-2000.

While most alumni live in India, the US has taken away a good chunk of IIT-B grads. In fact, four of every five alumni living abroad are in the US. But interestingly, in recent times, IIT-B grads seemed less inclined towards the US. “The main beneficiaries of this attrition from the US have been countries in the Middle East and Southeast Asia,“ found the survey .

Data shows that 59% of those who graduated before the 2000s set in, lived in India and the number rose to 84.2% after 2000. The lion's share preferred to stay home. This can be attributed to the rising opportunities in India, research and industry-wise. Data from 20,000 alumni showed that 29% of all IIT-B alumni who have graduated till date are currently residing in Mumbai.In fact; more than half of the alumni living in India currently are settled in Maharashtra.

Padma Shri Deepak Phatak, chair professor at IIT-B, said, “For the last 4,000 years of human history, young and talented aspiring humans have always moved from a place of lower opportunity to a land of higher opportunity. This continued to happen as long as it was perceived that the land of opportunity was there. For the last 10 to 15 years, people have come to believe that the land of opportunity is India. “

An alumnus, however, pointed out that the data may not give a clear picture. “Often, the alumni do not report to the institute where they have moved to. The data could be incomplete and therefore the analysis may not be accurate, “he said. TNN