Twenty-two-yearold Piyush Lohia from Bhiwandi bagged the second position in the countrywide final chartered accountancy (CA) exam held in November last year. Lohia, whose father runs a provisional store, is a B Com graduate from Mulund College of Commerce (MCC). Two of the three toppers this year are girls. Close to 37,000 candidates appeared for both groups in the final test in November, and 11.57% students cleared it, marginally higher than the success rate in the May exam (see box). The results were announced on Tuesday.

Lohia said he was expecting a high rank in the finals, but not the second rank. He also held the all-India ninth rank in the common proficiency test (CPT­the entry-level test for CA) few years ago. He scored 71.75% in the exam conducted by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI).“Though I am not very sure about my next step, I am keen on pursuing my higher studies in finance. I may do an MBA. For the next two years, I intend to work in a corporate firm and then move on to analytics,“ said Lohia. He originally hails from Rajasthan. While his father runs his own business, his mother is a housewife. He completed his article ship from affirm in Dadar and used the reading room facility recently set up in Bhiwandi by the ICAI. Lohia graduated from his college two years ago and will be turning 22 in the next few days.

Lucknow's Eti Agarwal and Ahmedabad's Jyoti Maheshwari got the first and third ranks respectively. Both want to sit for the civil services exam and serve the nation.

Overall, 7,192 candidates have qualified as CAs in the November test. The success rate in group­I was 7.14%, while in group II, 12.32% candidates cleared the exam. ICAI also announced the results for the CPT held in December. Over 70,000 candidates appeared for the test and 46% cleared it.