PM Narendra Modi on Sunday exhorted students and their families to treat exams as a festival and not as a burden. He asked them not to take exams as “test of life “and advised parents to accept children as they are and not burden them with expectations. He also urged students to compete with themselves, not with others.

The PM devoted a major portion of his speech during his monthly radio broadcast `Mann Ki Baat' on exam and advised students and their parents to lay emphasis on three points--acceptance, mentoring and sharing time.

Modi said, “Success and failure in life is not determined at all by how one has done in the examination. “ To drive home his point, the PM gave the example of A P J Abdul Kalam and said the former President had appeared for the test for recruitment into the IAF but failed. “Now, suppose this failure had caused him to become dejected, to concede defeat in his life, then would India have found such a great scientist and such a glorious President? No, never,“ he said. Modi also stressed on learning and knowledge and asked students not to go for “competition with others“ and rather compete with themselves. “In reality, it is not the competition with others that takes us ahead but it is competing with ourselves or `anuspardha', which takes our life for ward,“ the Prime Minister said. He gave the example of Sachin Tendulkar, emphasising the importance of “competing with ourselves“. “He (Tendulkar) kept on breaking his own records for about 20 years, every time outdoing himself,“ he said. Modi later tweeted, “Look at Sachin Tendulkar. He kept challenging himself and bettered his own records. That is what is inspiring. “

Tendulkar thanked the PM for the mention in `Mann Ki Baat' and tweeted how preparation was key for everyone, be it a student or player.