Whether as a performer, dance instructor, choreographer or entrepreneur, dancing offers a plethora of opportunities.

To pursue a career in dance, one must emphasise training. It is essential to learn professionally before you begin to pass on the knowledge to others. Basic training in event management, backstage, production, lighting, musicality, audio and video editing and even grooming and nutrition is essential. Dancers in India are aware of Western dance styles and the dance community is well connected. So a dancer must find his/her area of expertise while striving to be versatile. A true dancer must be able to perform any style with equal ease and finesse.

The talent in our country is commendable. We no longer need to look at the West; there are plenty of opportunities here. Whether it is becoming a dance instructor in schools, conducting hobby classes, teaching families for functions, performing in films and award shows, being a part of professional teams that perform in musicals or even going abroad and taking up dance full time, the prospects are bright. Shiamak Davar Dancer and choreographer

Graphic design

Graphic design focuses on creating a visual to convey a message. It involves a combination of placing text, images and info graphics. The field is for those who are creatively inclined and have visualisation skills. Professionals with a degree in fine arts can work in advertising, branding, magazines, newspapers, etc. Apart from this, most companies, at some point or the other, require designers to help them set up or modify their company branding.

With a growing online media space and the increasing importance of social media, the scope of graphic designing has further expanded. Aspirants must have detailed knowledge of software like Photoshop and CorelDraw.

Since most of their work is now showcased online, graphic designers must have advanced knowledge of digital media, information technology and new industry-specific trends. Ashima Jain Founder, Digital Tadka


While it is preferable to complete a degree in acting at a recognised institute, the best way to enter the field is through theatre. An experience in the theatre space helps you to work on your diction, overcome your fear of the stage and camera, learn dialogue delivery, etc.