If your child is currently in Class VII or a higher grade, you need not worry about the proposed switch to a three-language formula in schools affiliated to CBSE.

HRD ministry sources said the proposal, under which students would have to study two Indian languages apart from English up to Class X, will not apply for batches taking the Class X board exams till 2019-20.That's because the government doesn't want to disturb students following the present scheme.

In December last year, CBSE had sent the proposed three language formula for secondary education to MHRD, setting off speculation over if and when the new scheme would kick in.

The proposal has two major differences with CBSE's existing three-language formula that applies till Class VIII. One, it extends the scheme till Class X, and two; it does away with foreign languages as one of the options for students. Under the new plan, a student would have to take up three Indian languages listed in schedule VIII of the Constitution, one of which could be English. All three languages would be main subjects in the Class X board exams.

Students can study a foreign language or a non-listed Indian language as an additional fourth language, which will be non-qualifying in nature. According to a senior HRD official, even if the new plan is approved by the ministry and CBSE starts working on the scheme it would not “happen before 2019-20“.

“The present batches of students who are now in class VII will be able to take the board exam under the existing scheme and will not be burdened with learning a new language mid-way .The matter can be taken up by the CBSE governing body once it's finalised by the ministry later this year,“ the official said.

CBSE officials said a hurried implementation will result in hardships to students. “A large number of the students at pre sent have opted for a foreign language as their third language. Changing that mid-way would be problematic. Also, with the pressure of board exam back, this will be additional burden. While the CBSE's proposal is likely to be approved by the ministry and would be sent back to the board for working out the details and getting it approved by the governing body , rollout will take a couple of years,“ a CBSE official said.

“Once the policy is framed, the schools would need to be given time as under this formula a student will get the option of 22 languages, for which teachers need to be appointed,“ said another CBSE official.