Even those under the age of 18 years, though not eligible to vote, are doing their bit to ensure a high voter turnout during the upcoming municipal election. City schools are holding workshops and giving incentives to students to encourage them to take their parents to vote on February 21.The Archdiocesan Board of Education (ABE) has held workshops for teachers from 80 of its schools.“The teachers have been given material, which they will present to their students,“ Father George Athaide, secretary, ABE, said. “The students will be encouraged to make sure their parents go to the polling booth and cast their vote for a better future. Some schools have gone a step ahead to give (students) a positive remark in their calendar or an extra grade in the internal assessment if they manage to send their parents to vote.“

Schools which are already in the middle of the final exams are also making an effort. “We have sent out a group message to all the parents asking them to exercise their right,“ Chandrakanta Pathak, principal, HVB Global Academy, Marine Drive, said.