A day after the elections, some schools in the city had difficulty cleaning up their premises before classes. Teachers who were on election duty also complained that they got little rest before they had to resume duty on Wednesday .

Schools said the premises had to be cleaned up by their staff before the start of the day. At Fatima Devi English High School, Malad, teachers complained that the school premises were unkempt after Election Day . “We had practical and oral exams scheduled but when we came to school for the morning shift, benches had to be arranged, the playground had to be cleared of papers and organisers had not picked up mattresses brought in for election staff,“ said Rajesh Pandya, a teacher at the school. He demanded that the government should have declared a day off for schools to ensure they take care of their material and hand over the premises in good condition.

Similarly , at Madhyamik Vidyalaya, Vikhroli, the school decided to stay shut for the first shift on Wednesday . “The place was left in a mess and it happens every time. Our staff had to come in early and clear everything before the students came in for the afternoon session,“ said an official from the school. Several schools in the city, designated polling booths, had to allow their premises to be used for two days.

Another inconvenience to schools was overworked teachers who had been on election duty on Tuesday . “Some teachers got home only after midnight from election duty as the centres assigned to them were far away from their homes. Due to this, many either reported late on Wednesday or took the day off. The teachers have been out of their homes since early morning on Tuesday or Monday night. We have demanded that they be given a day of rest soon,“ said Anil Bornare, a teacher at a Chembur school.