The Global Social Entrepreneurship Summit at the American School of Bombay on Saturday saw a multitude of students from across India address four critical social and environmental problems that plague the country.

Among the youth there is a rise in awareness, need and scope for solutions to societal struggles. The summit in its fifth consecutive year saw participation from 73 contestants.

The groups, under the mentorship of social entrepreneurs, were able to collabo rate and convert ideas into actual business proposals over the last three days. One of the ideas was Helping Hands a long term plan to eradicate slums introduced by a young Mumbai duo, which would allow slum dwellers affordable housing by providing them with loans at lower interest rates and rehabilitating and educating them for better employment opportunities. It also had a funding structure in place and approved scalability.

Another project was Mood I, a quirky project included a badge with emoticons like confusion, boredom and satisfaction.By clicking on the emoticon, a student wo uld trigger the message (mood) to a wristband worn by a teacher who would in turn take required action. Mobicity , a five-member Mumbai group integrated technology with transport and propositioned an affordable public bus service with features that would eliminate the multiple stops.. Among the mentors was Rishi Aggarwal of the Mumbai Sustainability Centre, who said, “This is the role of us as a society that we support the brightest of children who want to solve social problems. Bulk of the kids are still interested in mainstream careers but the trend of social entreprene urship has begun.“