On the occasion of International Women's Day , the University of Mumbai has decided to extend the library timings at the Vidyanagari campus to 24 hours for female students too. Earlier, library was open for 24 hours on all days for men and till 10 pm for women. Also, in keeping with the guidelines issued by the University Grants Commission, female students staying in the two hostels of the university campus will be allowed to freely access recreational and educational facilities on campus at any time of the day or night.This means there will be no restriction on free movement of all the students staying in various hostels on campus at any time of the day or night.

“In case they are required to move out of the campus for some reason overnight, they will have to complete a duly filled form and also sign an undertaking that the responsibility for their personal safety and security will not lay with the university during the period when they are away from the campus. They will also fill up the outward movement register each time they go out of hostels after 10 pm,“ said the university PRO Leeladhar Bansod. Sanjay Deshmukh, vice-chancellor of Mumbai University wrote to the students that from Wednesday onwards there would be no discrimination with female students who live in the hostel and stay out late at night. The rules will be equal for men and women who stay at the university hostels.

Over 200 women students who stay in the hostel had recently approached the Women Development Cell of the Mumbai University against the gender bias on the campus.

According to the rules, women had a limit on the number of passes for night outs but there was no such restriction for boys. The curfew on all that too has ended.