A one-year diploma course will soon be started on 'Purohitgiri' (Hindu priesthood) by the Madhya Pradesh government. As far as the caste based registration is concerned, there will be no bar, and both Scheduled Caste and Brahmins will be able to apply for the same. It is for the first time that such a course has been introduced by the state government.

As per an HT report, in May last year, Brahmins across the state protested in large number against the state government's proposal to train people from scheduled caste community as priests. Since ancient times, priesthood has been considered a profession only for the Brahmins.

About the course

  • The course called "Purohityam" is expected to commence from July
  • PR Tiwari, Director, Maharishi Patanjali Sanskrit Sansthan, the nodal agency for promotion of yoga and Sanskrit in the state said that the candidates will be taught basics of priesthood, rituals, mantras in accordance with the Hindu tradition
  • Tiwari said the aspirants will also be taught "sanskaar" literature (grihya sutras), theory of "sanskaar", and the sixteen Hindu "sanskaars"
  • The basic qualification required for one to get enrolled for the course is completion of class 12.