Believing that the foundation of traditional Indian architecture was laid out by the concepts of “Vastu Shastra”, IIT Kharagpur has reportedly decided to start “Vastu Shastra” classes for architecture students. According to a report by Times of India, the oldest IIT in the country believes one cannot be a “well-rounded architect” without basic understanding of the concepts, and hence will introduce the rudiments to first and second-year undergraduate architecture students beginning this August. The institute will also give detailed study of the subject to post graduation students and research scholars in infrastructure. The report also says that students will have to write assignments, projects and tests on the taught Vastu concepts.

According to the report, the faculty at IIT Kharagpur believe that when students are given education with Western background, they should also learn concepts in sync with ancient Indian architectural traditions. The faculty members, according to the newspaper, said that Vastu studies are not rooted in religion but have a scientific base and will provide platforms for students.

“Vastu Shastra has its beginnings in Rig Veda and is scientific in its tenor. Today, the whole world is looking at green living, thanks to the way we are suffering due to erratic concretisation. The concept of Vastu revolves around the healthy relationship of nature and infrastructure, hence its modern relevance,” Joy Sen, a faculty member of the institute was quoted by Times of India.