Mumbai University started the teacher training process for online assessment from Monday amid confusion. While two agencies conducted training at several centres in the city, teachers claimed the exercise would be pointless if a different agency is selected in the bidding on April 27, as the user interface would be different. Those who attended training on Monday claimed the process could be time-saving in the long run but was definitely not ideal for this exam season. It was a chaotic start at some centres in the morning, with many teachers stepping out disgruntled. The afternoon sessions went smoothly at most places. At most engineering col leges which were told to host sessions, the morning slot commenced an hour late. At a south Mumbai centre, college authorities were unaware that they were to host the session. The college was holding its own exams and had to make quick arrangements. Teachers who attended the sessions welcomed the move but were apprehensive about implementation this year. At some centres, teachers complained they were not given a chance to assess dummy papers. Teachers said the session did not cover training for moderating papers.

Sources said the training was being conducted by TCS and MeritTrac at different centres.

Registrar M A Khan, however, said the university has requested professional services of three agencies that were known to the university from the first round of bidding. “There may be a difference in software of the final agency selected but we will be giving teachers hands-on training on the first day of assessment too.This basic training was to give them exposure and clear doubts,“ said Khan.