AS STUDENTS enjoy their summer vacations, teachers have decided to make use of the spare time by learning new teaching techniques and skills.

Having identified depression as a growing issue among schoolchildren, teachers at the Global Indian International School will undergo training in classroom behaviour management. The training will not only help teachers handle academically weaker students, but will also help them create engaging classrooms and deal with clinical depression among students.

“Growing competition and the constant need to outperform in every activity have put students under tremendous pressure. Teachers play a very important role in helping students balance their academic as well as non-academic performance,” said Rajeev Katyal, Director of Global Indian International School.

Apart from typical soft skills such as communication, presentation and time management, teachers will receive training in behaviour skills, technology skills and subject matter skills too.

Innovative teaching methods such as activity-based learning, new technology tools and developing entrepreneurial skills in students, too, are the focus areas in teacher training this summer.

Nearly 40 teachers of Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation schools from across the city are being trained to be digital in their approach by integrating electronic devices in their teachings.

Arifa Sheikh, administrative officer of BMC’s L ward who is running the training programme, said the teachers were being trained in use of computers, laptops, educational videos and PowerPoint presentations, which contribute as additional tools of teaching and enrich the learning process. “Our motive is to ensure that no child is deprived of progress in terms of learning,” said Sheikh who runs this course on holidays from 11am to 2pm.