Have you wondered how you get those e-mail messages from various brands just when you are browsing the net for a product or a service? Or that you can create anything from a chocolate bar to a door knob using the 3D printer? Thanks to the emerging technologies and studies in various educational domains - they are making the unthinkable possible. It is also expanding the horizon for the young generation of learners to explore new fields of study. You are no longer constrained by choice of subjects, as universities across the globe are offering a broad spectrum of courses in emerging and conventional streams to help you fulfil your dreams. Let’s probe into the emerging programs:

What’s new in Engineering?

Engineering has pre-dominated our career choice for ages, and why not, it’s a crucial field that drives all things technical. There is a spate of new courses developed for a more focused and specialised approach at creating solutions in all arenas of life.

Environmental Engineering: An off-shoot of civil engineering, this branch is garnering attention because of its importance in restoring our planet’s health. As an environmental engineer, you can devise novel techniques of controlling pollution and neutralising toxic fumes.

Robotics Engineering: If you are intrigued by the idea of automation, robotics engineering will certainly satisfy your needs. It handholds you to understand, and acquire insights about automation and machine learning and how they are an answer to our need for accuracy, speed and efficiency.

Interdisciplinary Engineering: Due to the overlapping of many industries, we also need subsequent fields of technological advancement. This has created a plethora of interdisciplinary branches like Mechatronics (mechanical and electronics), biomechanical (biology and mechanical), biochemical (biology and chemical) etc.

Which courses in life science and medicine are going strong?

Medical Science has proliferated into diverse branches besides the traditional fields of medical practices and nursing. If you do not want to be a doctor, and yet you are passionate about the medical field, you can look forward to some significant and vital areas of study.

Nutrition and Dietetics: The domain offers great scope as it’s a popular and in-demand career option in the food and healthcare sector. As a nutritionist and dietician, you’ll be a master of a wide range of areas from nutrition sciences, food service systems management to culinary arts and biochemistry etc.

Which courses are influencing all sectors?

Data Science has become the pre-requisite of all industries. Whether business house, medical facility, banking or public service sectors, the relevance of data is common to all. The field of data science will make you adept at data handling and also ensure a thriving career. Along with it, you can opt for Machine Learning & AI (Artificial Intelligence) which is implemented far and wide in all industries.

What are the latest in Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences?

Art has forever been an escape route from the mundane. Courses like music therapy, dance therapy, an interaction of dance and yoga are designed to not only promote a sense of well-being but to spread it across as a way of life. You can have a rewarding future as a practitioner of healing through art. Just as art creates indelible impact, Humanities and Social Science are the epicentres of all great changes. If you strongly react to social issues, are an avid follower of socio-political affairs and love to read about history, you’ll do wonders in the field of Humanities and Social Science. Among a multitude of courses, the ones that are becoming conspicuously popular are: Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Anthropology, History and Science and International Relations.


From Genetic Engineering to Applied Genetics, Stem Cell & Tissue Engineering to Genomics, you’ll have numerous concentrations to pursue. This field will not only allow you to dig into the intricacies of our DNA structure, human genome and how our cells function, but relate all the concepts with the healthcare industry. It offers a long list of career opportunities in research science, biochemical industry, pharmaceutical and agrochemical industry.