After getting repeated complaints from students of junior colleges about not being granted leaving certificates to switch to other colleges in Class 12, the Deputy Director of Education (DyDE), Pune, has issued a formal notification instructing junior colleges to switch over in the second year.

Albeit with conditions.

Many junior colleges in the city were compelling students to continue studying in its next class even if the student wanted to leave, as repeated complaints to the office of DyDE indicate.

Making it clear that this provision is only available to those students who face genuine difficulty, DyDE officials said switching would not be allowed for ‘frivolous’ reasons.

“In many cases, students want to switch colleges because their friends are in another college or for similar non-academic reasons. But since we follow the online admission procedure in Class XI so rigorously, we cannot allow this to happen. Hence, we have identified five main reasons due to which students may need to switch over and instructed junior colleges to issue leaving certificates in these cases,” said Meenakshi Raut, assistant director of education, Pune.

In its notification to junior colleges, DyDE has said that a leaving certificate can be issued for the following reasons — the college where the student is currently studying is far from place of his/her residence, transfer of parents, for medical reasons if student needs admission in any nearby college for distance or other reasons, change of stream, change of residence address of students.

Junior colleges have been asked to verify the documents submitted by students to support these reasons and if seats are available in Class XII, then admissions be granted before June 15. In no circumstances can junior colleges exceed the approved strength.