City-based higher educational institution Kandivali Education Society Shroff College (KESSC) is now on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin to simplify the admission process for the benefit of students.

This is the first time that an educational institution is speaking to the students the language they understand better in today’s world. The college has made special videos and animations to explain the admission process and posted it on social media. All the student needs to do is click-and-fill the form, and submit the print out to the college at a later date.

These innovative ways are likely to help students and their parents in completing the necessary formalities in time and without any hassles. The information includes last dates, payment methods, documents required and steps involved. This has greatly reduced the burden on the front desk and main gates where students keep asking for the same information. The posts are also a big hit on Instagram and being shared on WhatsApp.


  • A complete step-by-step process has been documented with detailed explanation and date lines for admissions to the courses that the college offers. It begins with a two-step simplified admission process to degree college courses which includes;
  • Filling up the Pre-enrollment Form of the university and
  • Filling up the online admission form through


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    LinkedIn (
    Instagram (kesshroffcollege_official)