Around 421 seats remained vacant across the various engineering institutes in the country at the end of the fifth round of admissions that concluded on Sunday. The figures were released by the Joint Seat Allocation Authority(JOSAA) 2017 which conducts admissions to IITs and premiere engineering institutes in the country.

While there were no vacant seats at some of the top IITs like IIT Bombay and Delhi, only IIT Bhubhaneshwar had one vacant seat for MTech in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering.

The National Institute of Technology (NIT) Nagaland had 56 vacancies across five engineering streams offered by the institute. Similarly NIT Sikkim had 72 vacancies at the end of five rounds “Almost all the seats in IITs prominent engineering institutes have been filled at the end of the fifth round. Some newer institutes and those in the remote places have a few vacant seats” said a senior faculty member from IIT Bombay.

This year, a total of 53 students from the top 100 rankers and 36 of the top 50 students secured their seat at IIT-B in the first round of admissions that concluded on Tuesday. For the first time, seven admission rounds would be conducted for admissions to premiere educational institutes this year. The seventh and the final round would conclude on July 22.

“There is an increasing trend of students seeking admissions into institutes close to their homes in the last few years. Going by the trend, there are chances that some of the vacancies in lesser known institutes might be filled” said an IIT official.

This year over 36,000 students across the country were eligible for admissions to IIT, NITs and other Government funded Instittutes (GFIs) across 97 institutes in the country.

Vacancies after round 5

IIT Bhubaneshwar


NIT Nagaland


NIT Sikkim


NIT Agartala