State board students in class IX in will have a practical examin Mathematics in March 2018. Class X will have 10 marks practical exams in Maths from 2018-19, Gangadhar Mhamane, chairman, state board of secondary & higher secondary education, said in Pune on Monday. Experts said activity-based continuous assessment of the subject will help students understand Maths better.

Mhamane, said, "This year (2017-18) we changed textbooks and the exam and evaluation pattern for class IX. Next year (2018-19) we will implement the same assessment pattern for class X. Students will have to to an internal practical exam for Maths every semester."

Mangala Narlikar, Mathematics Subject Committee chairman, from the Maharashtra State Bureau of Textbook Production and Curriculum Research, said, "Activities need to be done in class which help students understand what the mathematical concept they are being taught relate in real life. For example, when teaching set theory, students have no clue what a set is. But if there is an activity where students are told to divide in two groups, where one loves kabaddi and the other kho-kho and some who love both, they will be able to understand that set A can be kabaddi, set B can be kho-kho and students who love both are in the intersection of the set. These are activities, and much more needs to be done in the class rather than at the end of the term with an exam point of view."

But there is confusion on conducting practical exams. "What we know is that Algebra and Geometry will each carry 40 marks in the final exam. There is no clarification on the remaining 20 marks. We will have to wait and see. I did see what was written in the textbook but how and when the practicals have to be conducted, if they have to be a continuous process or once at the end of the term... this has to be cleared up," said a Maths teacher from Mumbai.

Central boards such as Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations have always had an 80-20 model in Maths exams.