After the reports claiming that the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) is planning to increase price of its books which raised concerns among various quarters, the council has recently said that there will likely be no hike in the price of books.

Here's what the NCERT director said:

"Certain speculative reports about price hike of NCERT books are likely to be exploited by some elements for hoarding and profiteering by creating artificial shortage of books. No such increase is likely," NCERT Director Hrushikesh Senapati said in a recent PTI report.

Meanwhile, giving relief from buying text books at steep prices, the government has made the decision to supply NCERT books inside school premises only.

Meanwhile, commenting on the same, Anil Swarup, Secretary, Department of School Education and Literacy said choice should be available and option should be given to the school students.

Here's what Anil Swarup said:

"So far, our information goes CBSE has 20,000 schools and 13 crore books are consumed (used) by students. But while the maximum price of a NCERT book is Rs 50, that of a non-NCERT book goes upto Rs 300," he said in a recent PTI report.

Non-NCERT of better quality:

Further, speaking on the suggestions that non-NCERT were of better quality, Swarup said, "If you consider the performance of students of Kendriya Vidayalaya and Navodaya schools where 100 per cent of books are NCERT publications, the performance percentage of these institutions is much better than other institutions," he said.