The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur has announced that it has received 118 pre-placement offers from top companies on August 11. This includes Microsoft and Wipro who have offered to hire 14 candidates, closely followed by Qualcomm which has made 13 offers.

“This is a great start for the placement season. PPOs generally constitute about 15 per cent of the total number of placements and many more offers are in the pipeline as the semester progresses,” said IITKGP Career Development Centre professor in-charge Debasis Deb.

The offers include 12 from Samsung, 11 from Texas instruments and more from companies like ITC and Unilever. The posts available for the students are a part of the finance, software, analytics and consultancy sectors.

Students have been place in numerous departments including electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, computer science engineering, electronics and electrical communications engineering, humanities and social sciences (Economics).

“We are approaching several new companies along with those who have visited us earlier and many have responded already. We are expecting 250 companies to visit us for placement in December,” Deb said

This was part of the compulsory summer internship in May and June which is necessary according to the institute’s curriculum and the institute has received more than 100 per cent of the required placements.