While criticising the no-detention policy and saying that it has ruined the education system, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has recently given the assurance that 60,000 students who failed in class 10 this year will be readmitted.

Here's what CM Arvind Kejriwal said:

"Previous governments introduced no-detention policy till class 8. It ruined the education system. When students took their first exam in class 9 they failed en-masse. They appeared through open school in class 10 and 60,000 students failed," said Arvind Kejriwal.

This announcement was made by the CM Kejriwal while addressing the gathering at Chattarsal Stadium on the occasion of Independence Day.

"I assure all 60,000 students who failed in class 10 that they will be readmitted and special classes will be held for them," Kejriwal added.

Last week, a bill to scrap the policy in schools till Class 8 under the Right to Education (RTE) Act was introduced in Lok Sabha.

Here's what the bill states:

  • The bill proposes an enabling provision which will allow states to detain students in Class 5 and Class 8 if they fail in the year-end exam
  • Further, the students will be given a second chance before they are detained

Now, the bill will be placed in Parliament for approval.

Presently, under the present provision of RTE Act, students are promoted automatically to higher classes till class 8 and this is one of the key components of the RTE Act which came into force on April 1, 2010.