After a school in Aruvithura, Kottayam (Kerala) got criticised for 'vulgar' uniform design for girls; a similar case has been reported where an English medium school in Malappuram has courted controversy by reportedly introducing separate uniforms for students.

In the country where we are taught not to discriminate anyone, the Al Farooque English Medium School at Pandikkad has kept different set of dress code for intelligent and weak students.

Moreover, this move from school has triggered widespread outrage among students and their parents as they felt it was insulting.

As reported by Times Now, here are the two uniform designs:

White colour: Clever students

Red stripes: Poor performers

More on the report:

Miffed with the school, the distressed parents approached the district childline authorities with written complaints.

Soon after the district childline authorities objected the move on the request of some parents and students, the school withdrew its decision.

What the  convener of the Malappuram district childline committee said:

"Two sets of uniforms were introduced by the school in June this year and a section of the students and parents who felt insulted by the move which discriminated among them, approached us with written complaints," Anwar Karaikkadan, convener of the Malappuram district childline committee said in a recent PTI article.

"Following this, we made a visit to the school in June to inquire about the matter," he added.

Denying that the students were segragated on the basis of their academic performance, the school authorities replied that a special group was formed among the students only to motivate them, Anwar told PTI.

Meanwhile, the Kerala State Commission for Protection of Child Rights has registered a case and sought a report on the matter.

Free uniform to 2.3 lakh students in Kerala this year:

Few months ago, the state government announced the decision to give free school uniforms made of handloom materials to a total of 2.3 lakh students in Kerala  The state government had earlier decided to distribute handloom material for school uniforms as parts of its plan to revive the dying traditional handloom sector