The murder of a class 2 student inside Ryan International School by a bus conductor in Gurgaon has prompted the Delhi government to order schools across the city to get their employees verified. Though the state government said the clearance certificates should be handed within 15 days, it will take months for the Delhi Police to check the antecedents of all the employees.

While the special branch, which issues clearance certificates, had in 2016 verified around 75,000 character verification reports (CVR) throughout the year, if all school employees submit their details this time, the police will have to look into records of more than two lakh school employees within 15 days.

On their website, the Delhi police have ‘special verification for schools’ in which school employees will have to key-in their details and upload their identification identity cards. Police will then verify the ID cards, submitted by each employee and issue a clearance certificate over the mail.

For Delhi residents, officers from special branch visit the local address and check the claims made by employees, while for outstation employees, the forms are sent to the police station in their hometowns.

The problem is there are 5,796 schools across the city, which include private, municipal, state and central government schools. According to the government order, every school employee — from a teacher to a bus driver and a peon to a conductor — has to apply for police clearance certificate.

On an average if there are 40 employees in each school, the number of employees to be verified will cross over two lakh. Most Delhi schools have around 60-400 employees. A prominent south Delhi school, with hostel facilities said they have more than 400 employees.

A principal of a west Delhi school, “Our school has around 2,500 students and there are around 150 employees, which include teachers and non-teaching staff. Non-teaching staff includes all employees from office to a gardener. The verification for all the employees is in process.”

Delhi police spokesperson Madhur Verma said, “There is nothing to worry about. Delhi police verifies thousands of passport verifications every year. Our force has the adequate resources and paraphernalia to verify every employee and check their antecedents.”

The rape of a five-year-old girl by the peon of a private school in Delhi exposed how unsafe students are in schools where unverified employees work. Following the incident, Delhi police commissioner held a meeting with his senior officers and ordered a safety audit across all schools and made it mandatory for schools to have CCTV cameras and adequate security guards.